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Create a More Spacious Life

Contemplating on how I want to live recently, I became clear in the last few months that I needed to create more space in my life.

My life is full, which is a wonderful thing — I have lots of people in my life who care about me, want to spend time with me, want to work with me. Amazing!

And yet, it’s become clear to me that in order to show up fully for everyone … I need to also have space to replenish. To restore myself and fill up my energy fuel tank.

Here’s how I set out to create some dedicated space for myself.

Here’s how it looks for me at the moment:

  • I’m taking time-out on Fridays, mostly: I’m trying to bring some more meaning to ‘Friyay’ and try some smaller (half day or under) but regular micro mini-break times. Setting intentional small rewards for yourself, like whacking a bucket of balls at the driving range, having a bath or treating yourself to a well earned Nana-nap. I had to talk with all of my clients and shift my programs so that I could do this, but it’s happening! It also means doing tasks ahead of time. I am still doing some work, including setting intentions for 2021, as well as convincing my parter to take that deliberate time off with me, but I’m not doing client calls or meetings, and dedicating that time to a more deliberate and intentioned way of moving through the day.
  • I cleared time on the weekend: It’s ok to work on the weekend, but equally when you’re resting, it’s important to be in that headspace. That means not taking work calls or talking shop with your partner. The key is to be in the moment and just let yourself experience that moment without expectation, self analysis or critique. (Of course kid’s and family can always scupper the best laid out plans).
  • I’m leaving the other days more spacious as well: Trying to find some one-on-one time with yourself is golden. To check in with how you are feeling and setting the intentions for the day. At the moment I’m tracking well with my New Year’s resolution of ditching caffeine, so I will wake early before the house stirs, make my rooibos tea and take 20 to 30 minutes out to just be with myself, check in, so that I can have a greater sense of intention with my decisions throughout the day and a more efficient and spaciousness way of going about the day by ditching distractions.

What do I do in those spaces?

Anything you feel like!

Here are some more common ways to use the space you’ve made:

  • Rest
  • Walk
  • Take up that sport you’ve been always wanted to try
  • Head out to nature & spend some time in solitude
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Read with kids
  • Hang with your parter
  • Call your mum, friends, siblings or loved ones to catch up
  • Read a book
  • Take up painting (Bob Ross tutorials on youtube are always guaranteed to leave you smiling)
  • Reflect on bigger picture stuff
  • Take care of chores/ tasks around the house
  • Write that book
  • Or do whatever work you feel like

I’ve found that this kind of space is incredibly nurturing, replenishing, life-giving. And so few of us take it for ourselves.

I know that not everyone has this kind of freedom, and I am grateful that I can do it. But I challenge you to see where you’re cutting this possibility off for yourself, and see if you could create it. It might take a few months to create, but if you stand for this possibility for yourself, you might surprise yourself.

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